Upham Auction - 

An Evening in Venice


The Upham 2019 Auction Committees is off to a great start!

Thank you all for coming to the breakfast to hear about the opportunities to help our school. Committees have been formed and chairs have stepped up to take these leadership roles. Here are the committee's descriptions and their chairs with contacts information. If any of these below committees sound exciting and you would like to help, please contact the chair(s).

Procurement of Live and Silent Auction Items

Committee Chair: Caroline Hudson

Member: As a member of this committee you reach out to businesses, families or individuals for a donation of items to be auctioned. Examples in past year are weekend getaways, gift cards from: hotels, restaurants, spas, concerts & others; theater tickets, art work, photography sessions,

sport club memberships or events, trips, tours, experiences such as: backstage passes; camp tuition; teeth whitening, fashion show tickets, trainer lessons or anything you can imagine.

Sign-up Parties Committee
Co-Chairs: Meghan Sullivan and Meryl Glassman 

Member: As a member of this committee you reach out to businesses, families or individuals for a donation of group items to be auctioned. Examples in past years are a tour of the MBTA, spin class at B/Spoke and wine/cheese party, tennis outing and after party, mom's night out, golf outings, sunday night football outings, wine tastings, painting classes, tours, private shopping parties, or anything you can imagine.

Technology Committee
Chair: TBD

Member: Assist the chair in all activities with Greater Giving including pre and post auction.

Teacher Raffle Coordinator

Chair: Heidi Crean


Raffles and Games Committee

Chair: Jennifer O'Shea 
Member: As the member you organize and preside over activities pertaining to raffles and games for the April event. Such as Wine Pull, Earring Raffle, Photo booth, etc..

Corporate Sponsors and ads Committee

Chair: Judith Marth 
Member: You procure sponsors. This year we have five levels: Diamond 5K, Sapphire $1200, Ruby $800, Emerald $400, and Pearl $200.

Family Sponsors and ads Committee
Chair: TBD

Member: As a member you reach out to parents and grandparents for them to sponsor an ad to recognize with gratitude a child, teacher or Upham staff member.

Marketing Committee

Chair: Judith Marth 
Member: You assist the chair with the process of preparation, promotion and distribution of marketing materials for the auction. For example, ads for the Upham community, work with the Technology committee on website, printing and coordinating the distribution of handouts and flyers for other committees. It includes the booklet preparation and the banners for event night.

GO UPHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Hudson or Judy Marth, the auction chairs.