Tips from Upham's Award-Winning Green Team


As parents and members of the Upham Green Team, we feel that one of the most important lessons our kids can learn is about the impact they have on others and on their environment. 


At home there are a number of simple things you can do to reinforce support the efforts of the Green Team. Following are a few ideas-- feel free to choose from among these or create your own!


A) Pack a litter-less lunch using entirely reusable containers. Reuse takeout containers or invest in plastic containers made just for lunchboxes. You'll be surprised at how soon that investment will pay off and how good your child will feel about making these productive choices.


B) Walk to school! It's easy, saves gas, money, gets you and your child exercise and to school on time! Try it. . . you might be surprised.


C) Make a point of turning out the lights when you leave a room and not running water excessively.


D) Start a compost bin and reduce your food waste. The average user can convert about 10 lbs. of food waste a week from landfill to nutrient-rich garden soil. Want more information? Check out to get easy directions on starting a compost.


E) Have fun reading some of the suggested books from our "Great Books to Read on Earth Day or Any Day!"


Green Difference Awards Ceremony, State House, 2013