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*Transportation to Upham is accomplished by driving, walking, or by riding a bicycle (if in Grade 3 or above). Riding a bus is an option if a child is participating in the METCO program or requires transportation because of special needs. Bus transportation for most Upham students is not available.

General Traffic Safety Guidelines

*Drivers: Please be sure to observe the 5 mph speed limit at all times.


*The upper and lower drives are one way. Please enter the school grounds via Lowell Road and exit via Wynnewood Road. (The upper drive is located between the school building and the north side of the fenced playground/dismissal parking lot. The lower drive is south of the fenced playground/dismissal parking lot. Please see Traffic and Parking Map.)


*Drivers: Please be aware of walkers and bicyclists entering the grounds at the lower drive crosswalk and the Wynnewood Road sidewalk.


*Walkers: Please use sidewalks and marked crosswalks.


*Bicyclists: Please ride on the right side of the road, with the traffic. Enter school on Lowell Road. Walk bicycles on school property, and park them in bike racks.


*Remember that these procedures have been put in place for the safety of our children. Please be patient.


*The Dukes Road parking lot is available for parking at any time.

*The west (outbound) side of Wynnewood Road, south of the first driveway is available for parallel parking at any time. Please do not block driveways. Note that parking is not allowed along the curb by the playground.  (Please only park on one side of the road.)


* The fenced playground/dismissal parking lot is available for parking during dismissal only. Please see Dismissal Procedures.


*Parking is not allowed in the spaces that face the wooden stockade fence along the lower drive. In addition, parking is not allowed in the spaces along the east side of the fenced playground/dismissal parking lot. These are reserved for staff only. Please see Traffic and Parking Map.


Arrival Procedures

* You may begin dropping off your children beginning at 8:15am.  There will be supervision of children by Upham staff and faculty on the playground or in the gym from 8:15am until 8:30am, when the bell rings and school begins.

*There is a "live" drop-off in the morning for arrival.  Please see the diagram below.

*Drivers using “live” drop-off should drop off children each day using the upper driveway next to the building.

*Drivers are asked to proceed in a single line and pull their cars as far forward as possible. Do not pass other vehicles. This will facilitate a safe and efficient traffic flow.

*Vehicles should not stop in or block the crosswalk. A safety patrol person will be at the crosswalk to assist walkers and bikers between 8:15 am and 8:35 am.

*Drivers should remain in their vehicles. Vehicles should be put in park before allowing children to exit vehicles.

*Children should exit vehicles on the passenger side only. Please instruct your children to enter the playground on the west side (next to kindergarten rooms).  Parents are to remain in their cars when dropping their children off.

*Caregivers wishing to walk their children up to the school may park in the Dukes Road lot or along the west side of Wynnewood Road. Please see Parking for more information.


*During dismissal, drivers may park on Wynnewood Road, in the Dukes Road lot, or in the fenced playground/dismissal parking lot. For more information regarding parking on Wynnewood Road or in the Dukes Road lot, please see Parking.

*When parking in the dismissal parking lot, please help maximize the space available for parking by filling the lot in an orderly fashion.  After all these spaces are filled, a single line of vehicles, facing toward the west side of the fence, may be formed down the middle of the parking area.

*Turn off your car engine if you arrive early at dismissal time and are waiting in line. This will reduce the presence of harmful fumes. Upham has a “no idling” policy.

*Kindergarten students will be dismissed via their classroom’s recess door. Caregivers should wait on the playground outside these doors and then escort their children to their vehicles.

*When walking to vehicles parked in the fenced playground/dismissal parking lot, please use the crosswalks. Do not walk into the lot via the vehicle exit.  Please communicate this information to all adults (babysitters, nannies, grandparents etc.) who may be dropping off or picking up children.

Arrival and Departure by Bicycle

*Children in Grade 3 and above may ride their bikes to school if they have parental permission.

*Bicycles may not be ridden on school property.


*During school hours, students must leave their bikes in the racks that are located between the building wings on the West side of the school.


*Children younger than Grade 3 may ride their bikes to school when accompanied by an adult, as recommended by the Wellesley Police.


*Riders must wear helmets in compliance with Massachusetts State Law.


*Bicyclists are to ride with traffic. For example, bicyclists should enter via Lowell Road and exit via Wynnewood Road just as drivers do.


Arrival and Departure by Foot

*Children who walk to school should be instructed by their parents about pedestrian safety rules. Children should only cross the street in designated crosswalks. They should never cross the street from between parked cars and should be reminded to always exercise caution.

In Case You are Late

*Students should be instructed to report to the School Office if they don’t see parents on the playground after school, and no other arrangements have been made for  their pick-up.

*A late bell will ring at 3:20 pm and any child who has not been picked up at that time should proceed to the Office.  Parents please proceed directly to the office if you are late.

Morning "Live" Drop-off
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